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Should you have any comments regarding the conduct of an employee or the services of
Jan©, you may contact one of the partners (see “JAN©’s People” elsewhere on this site) or
Andrea van der Giezen RA (Compliance Officer), hereinafter JAN©.

JAN© assumes that any such reports are made in good faith and reflect genuine, valid
concerns. JAN© evaluates all reports with due care. JAN© will deal with your complaint or
report with confidentially.

Filing a complaint
If a complaint is filed in writing, it needs to be signed and must contain at least the following

  • your name and address details;
  • the date of the written complaint;
  • a clear description of the conduct that gave rise to the complaint.

You may address your written complaint to JAN©.
Oral complaints will, at your request, be recorded in writing by the JAN© partner you have
spoken to; after you have signed that document, the complaint will be forwarded to the
management board of JAN© and the Compliance Officer.
Complaints cannot be filed anonymously.